Power of sushi is taste and simplicity
Power of sushi is taste and simplicity
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Introduction to sushi rice recipe #1

April 7th, 2007 by sushi

Sushi rice recipe has become quite common on the Internet. There are many websites that list sushi rice recipe, but what those websites lack are the explanations. It is an explanation that plays a big role in cooking and not the recipe.Many of you know, that main ingredient in sushi is rice. Thus, the quality of sushi is based on rice and how you cook it. This is not so hard, but it is important, since the taste of sushi will mirror the skills of the cook.

To make it easy, I will lead you through the process of making perfect sushi. I promise you that sushi will have an outstanding taste. Let’s begin with something simple. There are pretty much two types of rice. Thin and Fat (Short Grain Rice). Thin rice just won’t do. So the rice that you need is a fat looking one. Check the pictures. Read the rest of this entry »

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