Power of sushi is taste and simplicity
Power of sushi is taste and simplicity
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Fried Salmon Sushi

February 25th, 2008 by sushi

So it’s been awhile and finally I got an update. Here I show you how to make Fried Salmon Sushi, well special bonus is included.

sushi fried salmon

Take a Teflon pan add some oil, heat it up. Cut the salmon into pieces of half an inch wide, some stores sell salmon pre-cut. Then take a raw salmon or trout and fry it on hot pan. Don’t add any ingredients, just simply fry the salmon.

pan sushi frying salmon trout

Now the salmon is ready, as you can see it has changed color and looks quite tasty. Here you can fry one piece of salmon a bit more. That way you will get two types of fried salmon. One will be crispy, the other will be soft. Both are great, so try to make sushi out of both.

fried trout for sushi

On the picture bellow I have mixed some ingredients with fried salmon. The white looking thing is crab stick and a bit lower is a pre cut carrot.

sushi fried salmon3

All is left now is to roll the Maki Sushi into one roll. Here is the link on how to roll sushi.

Special Bonus.

In addition to the fried salmon I have prepared more ingredients so I could make many different maki sushi. On the picture below I have prepared: salt trout (salmon), unagi (eel), crab sticks, carrots, cucumber and salad shrimps that are hidden on the other plate.


I have played a round with ingredients and created some interesting Maki Sushi.

Ingredients for Maki Sushi: Salad shrimps, Eel, Cucumber. (below)

sushi maki shrimp

Ingredients for sushi: Salt Salmon, Eel, Carrots.

sushi maki unagi trout

On the picture below you can see all types of sushi that I have made out of listed ingredients. By the way, I have only used 500 grams of sushi rice. Overall preparation time was about 1.5 to 2 hours.

All sushi on plate

Maki Sushi is prepared and about to be eaten. Actually what you see on the picture above is more than enough for two people.

I have created a Sushi Gallery, so all sushi pictures will be stored there. So, when you will make some lovely sushi, please take a few pictures and send those pictures to me (my email is info (doggy) sushicup.com ) and I will gladly add them to sushi picture gallery. Of course, if you want to go farther, you could write a small article and include your sushi pictures.

sushi fried salmon2

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16 Responses

  1. sushi Says:

    Forgot to add! the Fried salmon sushi do taste GREAT!

  2. Andy Says:

    Super Beautiful Sushi Pictures.

  3. CookAdept Says:

    i really enjoyed that sushi recepie that you made, (tastes like salty pike) really great!

  4. Sushi Fan Says:

    I love that you guys have pictures up for your sushi. I am ready to make my first sushi, hopefully they turn out good! Thank you all the tips!

  5. sushi Says:

    Well for the gallery. I kinda forgot my password 😀

  6. JayJay Says:

    Your sushi is a MAKI but good.

  7. don Says:

    interesting…i want to learn more…

  8. nicole Says:

    These fried salmon sushi look like they are very tasty as do the other kinds. I have a few family members that are vary of uncooked fish, so making sushi out of the fried salmon will convince them to try it. If not then more for me!

  9. bleeb129 Says:

    love this site, my new fav. any info on raw fish prep? im gonna look around your site but haven’t seen anything yet. thanks again

  10. Metro-Sushi Says:

    Looks good but I was wondering if the volume of ingredients are a little disproportionate to to the rice? I think that sushi is not just about taste, but it’s about balance, too IMO. But I love salmon (cooked or uncooked) so I suppose it doesn’t matter! Good post!

  11. Manhattan Hotels Says:

    Wow its look really yummy of this Sushi recipe, still my mouth is melting to seen that, its really yummy recipe.

  12. Slots Says:

    I love this one..couldn’t forget the experience when I tasted it…It looks tasty and mouth watering as well..thanks for posting this one

  13. Shabab Says:


  14. Shabab Says:

    I’m gonna make it now oh and you do not know how to make it I’m sure your mummy made it for you

  15. lyn Says:

    hmmmm yummy

  16. marQuice Says:

    definitely I’ll try to make one for mu kids and my animæ fan boyfriend..sooo excited. Nice post ?

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