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Power of sushi is taste and simplicity
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How to cut California Sushi Roll | Maki Sushi Roll #12

August 16th, 2007 by sushi

Finally the last step in sushi is cutting. I hope you got some sushi rolls ready. But before that let me tell you a few words: you can cut sushi any way you like. The most common method that people notice in the Sushi Bar is when sushi is being cut in the middle then sides.

knife for cutting sushi

The Sushi Bar chief does so because he doesn’t use the whole Nori, he just makes sushi out of some part of it. Usually, a Chief cuts Nori in half and makes two small sushi rolls out of one Nori. Thus, when he cuts the sushi roll, sushi pieces look smaller, but wider. Bigger sushi pieces are usually made out of 2/3 or ¾ of the Nori and left overs are left for Nigiri. The main reason behind this is ECONOMY. It is also easy to tell, when you get sushi and there is just not enough fish or some other ingredient.

However, when you make small sushi pieces correctly, they are great too. But, I’m also pretty sure that you have never seen a chief who makes sushi out of one Nori piece. Since I use the whole Nori for sushi, my sushi look bigger and the roll is longer. Thus, I cut sushi from right to the left. If I were to use the Sushi Bar chief’s method my sushi pieces would have been quite big. Let’s begin. This is the easiest part.

Get a knife.

By the way, you can get a knife like this HERE.

You may also find a lot of interesting items in our online store.

how to cut california sushi roll1

Make sure the knife is wet. The wet knife will easily slice through sushi. Do you see small drops of water on the knife?

how to cut california sushi roll2

how to cut california sushi roll3

how to cut california sushi roll4

With each next cut the knife will slower and slower slice through sushi. You will notice that the knife is covered in sushi rice.

dirty sushi knife

Wipe the knife and wet it. Repeat this step for each roll or more.

washing the knife

how to cut maki sushi1

As I cut the sushi, I choose the size of sushi pieces; usually they are half an inch wide. If you make the pieces smaller, they will break a part. If you make them bigger, you will have a hard time chewing them.

how to cut maki sushi2

how to cut maki sushi3

Well, your sushi are ready!

sushi is ready on the plate

Have fun!

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34 Responses

  1. TEST Says:

    don’t be scared to leave a comment! :O

  2. TEST Says:


  3. sushi Says:

    If you like my Sushi making guide please leave a comment. I’m ego to hear from you.

  4. Mark Says:

    This looks great, thanks for the article!

  5. holly Says:

    This was very helpful! Thank you very much for the step by step and photos!

    Now I’m not afraid to cut my Sushi!

  6. Denese Says:

    great step by step. im having a dinner party sunday evening after work. I wont have any food prep time before the party so i want to prepare all the food on Saturday in the evening. Will this hold and still taste good on Sunday?

  7. sushi Says:

    Avoid the Fridge.
    Place sushi in container and leave it in a cold place. For example, by the window if you live in Sweden, Norway or in the garage. Place the container where it is a bit colder than in a room. Don’t use Avocado, it change color to dark and doesn’t look tasty.
    Hope that helps.

    P.S. I have a lot of info to post but i got no time. ^.^ sorry for the delay.

    thank you.

  8. Allan Says:

    Hey! I want more!

    Please post more about the ingredients that are inside the roll, and don’t forget about the rainbow!

  9. sushi Says:

    Yah Allan.
    I will post this week.
    Sorry for making you wait.

    Thank you for reading my blog ^.^

  10. Maja Says:

    I love this guide. It’s my first time making sushi. We’ll see if the guide was helpfull.

  11. Streeca Says:

    Thanks for the instruction! Now i just need to figure out where to get rice vinegar – and i’ll start trying this out. :=}

  12. sushi Says:

    Every big supermarket has one.

  13. sushigeek Says:

    You can skip the rice vinegar. It’s overly expensive when you can make better for less and very quickly.

    1/2 c (liquid) regular 5% acidity vinegar
    1/8 c refined sugar
    1 tsp salt – pickling salt is best but any will work

    Combine in a microwave safe (glass is highly recommended). And microwave at 80% power until it starts to steam. This should be about 45 seconds but will vary depending on your microwave. Stir well and let sit to make sure that all of the salt and sugar disolve. If it doesn’t disolve after a minute or two, microwave it again for 30 seconds.

    Most recipes call for 1 tbsp of salt but I find this is too salty and my family prefers sweeter rice on most rolls that I make (except for my home-smoked salmon rolls.) You can and should adjust the salt and sugar for your taste preferences, of course.

  14. Christine Says:

    Thank you so mcuh for the detailed information and pictures!

    Though when my mother makes sushi, she doesn’t wet the seaweed before cutting it. Doesn’t that make it a little soggy?

  15. Shona Says:

    HI, With your great instruction, I made my FIRST attempt. It turned out like this…Please see the photo.
    1) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v520/totsanddots/Sushi2.jpg

    Could you please more ingredients that are inside the roll.


  16. sushi Says:

    Great Job!

  17. Sushi Making Guide Says:

    […] How to cut California Sushi Roll | Maki Sushi Roll #12 […]

  18. Rhodnius Says:

    The better way to cut the big roll is… first cutting the bigroll by the middle and seconth cut every middle in quarters, if you don’t do that is possibly the width of every roll be different. Doing that you can avoid this problem 🙂
    Sorry my bad English! and thanks for the guide.

  19. zofhia Says:

    just found your site a while ago while googling sushi recipes..

    the nori cut lenghtwise or crosswise?

    then how would it be filled? lenghtwise or crosswise?

    thanks alot

  20. Kat Says:

    Very nice website! Thanks for the nice pictures and very helpful little details to make sushi. I will try your tips tomorrow 🙂

  21. dre Says:

    nice pictures they really bring out your inexperience in full color. keep trying.

  22. Grace Juarez Says:

    Looking for a sushi recipe – it’s like the California roll but with scallop and mayonaise-like sauce topping. It’s similar to the sushi they have at Mikado Restaurant.

  23. buen Says:

    wow!!! i find this site amazing..i love sushi and ate it in restaurants often.it’s quite expensive here and i figure out it’s time to make it myself.it would be my first time to make sushi tonight.ur guide is really of much help!!! thank u.

  24. pat kinney Says:

    Your English is not good enough for people to understand.
    Pictures are nice, but can’t make sushi from those pictures.

  25. Gui Pereira Says:

    Really good website!!!
    Very detailed and pretty good advices!!

    Thanks and congratulations!!

  26. Nate Says:

    Good tutorial. I am sure your english is good enough for most people to understand without problems. (especially when combined with the photos)

  27. Eva Says:

    You’re website is great and really helped me out alot.

    Thank you very much

    I was having a very hard time trying to cut the sushi with a regular knife, now i realize I need a proper knife.

  28. murni Says:

    what a greaaaaaaaatttttt website. A comprehensive guide to make sushi. Profuse thanks to Sushi for sharing this method and explanation to the rest of the world!!! May u will always be blessed

  29. Manhattan Hotels Says:

    I love this recipe, sushi rice is not only important for the taste of food, but also the way in which Sushi was made.

  30. Melody Says:

    when i cut the sushi rolls, they fall apart. got any tips? i’m using a regular meat chopping knife. if i get a fish knife, will it make a big difference? or is it falling apart for some other reaSON?

  31. kayeloveSsushi Says:

    im so excited to make one! =)

  32. Veronica Says:

    That’s a wicked knife. I use my global cook’s knife to cut my vegan california sushi rolls. But your knife looks really cool too. I have a vegan/vegetarian version of this roll on my food blog for those who don’t eat fish. 🙂

  33. sushi Says:

    you have to tighten the roll, like i show on the picture. the knife should be sharp.

  34. Elianne Says:

    Nice 😀

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