Power of sushi is taste and simplicity
Power of sushi is taste and simplicity
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How to Prepare Maki Nori | Sushi Rice on Nori #6

July 11th, 2007 by sushi

Prepare the table; place all ingredients close to you. To prepare maki nori, we will need: rice, nori, some water and a paddle.

Sushi Table Preparation

Right now we won’t need the cooking plate, so take the sushi rolling mat and let’s go. By the way, the Plate on the left has water mixed with small amount of vinegar.

Nori Raw side up

One side of Nori for Sushi is smooth and the other one is rough. Apply rice on the rough side of the Nori, otherwise rice won’t stick.

Water Plate for Rice

Many sushi makers use hands, I advise you to use a wooden paddle, it is easer to apply the rice with a paddle. Keep the paddle wet all the time, this way the rice won’t stick to it.

Sushi Rice Aplication

Evenly spread the rice.

Rice on Nori

It is easer to apply rice on side, then middle.

Rice on Nori - Sides

Overall view

Rice on Nori - Sides 2

Be gently, otherwise the Nori may tear in the middle or on the side. If this happens the torn part of sushi roll will break apart when you cut it or when you eat it.

Finished nori rice product

As you can see on the picture the thickness is about 4 to 6 milimeters (about 1/5 or 1/6 of an inch).
If you add too much rice, your sushi will be huge.

Finished Nori with rice

Leave a small part of Nori empty, about half of an inch will do. Just like on the picture. It will be used as a locking device for sushi rolls. If you are making California Sushi Rolls (link) then you don’t have to do it. In California Rolls, rice covers a whole Nori.

Seven pieces of prepared nori

Seven pieces.
As you can see I got Five pieces prepared for California Rolls and Two for Simple Maki Rolls.

Ingredients preparation for Maki Sushi or California Sushi Roll #7

Making of Maki Sushi #8

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20 Responses

  1. sushi Says:

    If you like my Sushi making guide please leave a comment. I’m ego to hear from you.

  2. Vimal Says:

    Hey, Is this recipe complete or more.

    What to do after applying rice?

  3. Vimal Says:

    Never mind, I guess the rest of the procedure is in the link at the bottom thanks 🙂

    Nice with the pictures

  4. Karen Says:

    I love snow crab rolls. The snow crab seems shredded. What is mixed with it? What about crunchy rolls…or tempura. Snow crab and tempura together. I would love to be able to do this myself. Also..what is the creamy orange looking sauce called? It’s spicy. Can you buy it made or must I make it…Thanks! Karen

  5. sushi Says:

    What creamy sauce? I’m confused.

  6. Cristina Says:

    It’ so great and fun visiting your website. I’ll be back for more sushi making.

  7. bebe Says:

    i dont have a rolling mat..what can i use other than that?

  8. sushi Says:

    well, you could use anything that looks like rolling mat. Rolling mat is quite cheap, so just order any cheap one, they are all pretty much the same.

  9. Lisa Says:

    thanks for the website – I’m very new to making sushi – in fact tonight will be the first time for me, and I’ll be using your advice. I’m thrilled to have found such a good site with so many great pictures. Thanks!

  10. Cindy Says:

    THANK YOU! I promised to make sushi for Valentine’s day and you saved me from having lots of trouble. THANK YOU!

  11. aQuos Says:

    HAHAHA CINDY. too funny.

    “Sushi” – thank you very much for the guide….just one question……is that Nutella i see in one of the pics? and are you using it in sushi?! hahahah

    that would be very interesting…

  12. Yinlue Says:

    May i know how you locked the device for sushi rolls ? Reply please ! As soon as possible ! I’m making it tmr !

  13. mohansmith Says:

    iam a sushi cook working in a platform in abudhabi. this page help me to make many thing

  14. Ghislain Basque Says:

    Every time I make sushi (not often enough), I rely on your site to freshen my memory.

  15. Luiza Says:

    This is the best sushi site I’ve found. Very detailed and concise at the same time. Good job!
    Now I hope to be able to make sushi as well as you do 😉

  16. Joel Says:

    The instructions are very good, but have two omissions: I’m assuming that the nori becomes limp after being in contact with the rice, after a while (but the instructions don’t address this, or otherwise state how to get the nori soft). The second omission concerns the statement, “It will be used as a locking device for sushi rolls.” How do we make a “locking device”? Most sushi I’ve seen simply is encircled with nori (or so I thought). Thanks.

  17. Joel Says:

    One other thing that would be good to note–whether the rice should be cold, or whether it should be warm when it goes on the nori.

  18. sushi Says:

    room temperature.

  19. sushi Says:

    when you made a roll you wet the nori. it is shown. how to tighten the roll it also says – check other posts.

  20. catalina eusebio-de polonia Says:

    oishii sushi. . . thanks i learned a lot. . .

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