Power of sushi is taste and simplicity
Power of sushi is taste and simplicity
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How to make Maki Sushi Roll #8

July 11th, 2007 by sushi

Making a simple style Maki Sushi. Ingredients: Salt Salmon(Trout), Crab Sticks and Avokado. I prefer salt Trout fish, sometimes I prepare it myself, but mostly I buy from the store already salted Trout. Since I live by the sea it is easy to get Fresh fish, thus I never use the fish sold in packed plastic bags.

Ingredients placed on Nori

Here you see how I have placed ingredients on prepared nori. A few pieces of salt salmon under crab sticks and Avokado.

Ingredients side view

Side view.

Bening the Sushi Roll

Here is an important part. You will have to tighten the roll. The idea is simple, if you ever had a scroll and wanted to make it smaller in diameter, what did you do? You pressed and rolled it inside. Use the same method, pull the bended part towards yourself and try to make the inside rice to stick to each other. As soon as you tightened the side of the roll, carefully roll the whole thing. If you don’t tighten the roll enough all ingredients will fall out when you cut the roll.

Tightening the Sushi Roll

Use some strength to tighten the roll a bit more.

Tightening - side view

Sometimes ingredients may come out if you press too hard, usually it is avocado or crab stick, so use your fingers to place things back.

Finished Sushi Roll

This is what you get… but it is not the end yet.

Covering Maki Roll with some water

This is the last part. Make sure you wet the whole roll. Take the roll in left hand, wet your second hand and spread the water, until the whole Roll looks wet. The reason behind is to make Nori soft, if you skip this process the Nori will be hard to chew. When you are done place a roll on the clean dry plate and go for the next one. Skip this step if you are making California Roll ^.^

Preparation and Making of California Rolls

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64 Responses

  1. angelica marie m. jimanga Says:

    what is that the color black that roll the rice and salmon? can u help me?thanks

  2. Edna Szylkarski Says:

    Great info on making sushi. How do you keep the ingredients in the center of the roll. My ingredients tend to one side or the other, Thanks.

  3. marina Says:

    thank you very much… ur site is simply idiot proof for newbies like me!! great efforts~

  4. katie Says:

    me too i don’t like the wetting part. i want dry and clean

  5. antony Says:

    wow, it’s great! going to make sushi myself now πŸ™‚

  6. Robalee Says:

    Great pictures! Thank you! I just bought sushi supplies but was nervous to give it a try. Thanks!!

  7. Gregg Says:

    3. Is all fish edible raw? If not how do I prep it?

    I wouldn’t do shrimp raw. Tuna and salmon seem to be pretty common raw. I smell my fish and if it has any fish smell to it then I don’t use it.

  8. Sushi Maui Says:

    Maki sushi was a staple for me growing up in Maui. It was more of a poor man’s sushi stuffed with canned tuna marinated in shoyu and sugar along with other ingredients and a sprinkling of fish flakes.

  9. sushi Says:

    yes the fish could have a fish smell. but fish fillet has no smell. What smells is the mucus covering the scales. Trout and Salmons could be eaten raw. I personaly don’t like other raw fish. only tuna sometimes. you can take a raw salmon or trout and salt it. put rock salt on it (put as much as you like – fish won’t take more than needed.) then place it for a night in the fridge +5 degrees. next day cut the pieces. it will be good even without sushi.

  10. sushi Says:

    do as you like the most. my wife says if i don’t apply water on the nori roll then nori is hard to chew.

  11. Alecia Says:

    Great stuff:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  12. catalina eusebio-de polonia Says:

    oishii. . .great instructions. . .i can easily follow. . .ohh i just love sushi. . .

  13. CL$44 Says:

    Thanks my family loves sushi all 7 of us, it is very expensive $15 for a 40 piece at the store. My rolls aren’t pretty but they are tasty. hopefully your tips can help me get both.

  14. Jared Says:

    3rd time making my own sushi using your guide. Thanks so much for this, it has really helped! My rice turned out perfect this time around and I expect this will be my best sushi yet. Thanks so much for your wonderful guide!

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